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Alden Pool & Municipal Supply Company - The Other Guy Company

268 South Broadway
Wells, MN 56097-1630
Phone: 800-253-7235 or Cell: 507-383-1063
John Szymanski (THE OTHER GUY) - Over 44 years serving the water/wastewater industry.
Old enough to know a lot but still young enough to remember.

Answers to your hard questions:  
The what, when, where, how, & why to feed chemicals.
Chemical Feed Equipment:
 Gas feeders and repair parts.
(Advance, Enchlor, Ecometrics, Hydro Instrument, Regal, Superior, Sureflow, Archer, Evoqua, and Wallace & Tiernan)
Chlorine Booster Pumps: Sta-Rite, Grundfos
Chlorine Scales:  Force Flow, and Scaletron
Gas Leak Detectors:  Chlorine Gas and Sulfur Dioxide Gas and Replacement sensors for most popular brands.
Chemical Pumps: (LMI, Chem-Tec, Precision, Pulsafeeder, Stenner & Walchem pumps & Bue&White pumps)
Repair Parts and Preventative Maintenance Kits: Gas Chlorinators, (AdvanceŽ Capital Controls, Ecometrics, Hydro Instrument, Regal, Superior, Sureflow, Archer, Evoqua, and Wallace & Tiernan)
Chemical Feed Pumps:  (LMI, Precision, Pulsatron, Standard, Stenner, and Wallace & Tiernan)
Tanks & Containment: (Ace, Crown, Norwesco, Nalgene, Raven) 5 - 5,000 gallons.
Chemicals:  Sodium Bisulfate (De-chlor), Polyphosphates, Acids, Caustics, and Bleach & Chemicals for Radium Removal.
Water Test Equipment and Reagents: Chlorine, pH and other tests   LaMotte and Taylor.  
Pool Equipment and Chemicals: Complete line of products; Filters, Pumps, Safety Equipment, Automation of chemical feed.  Deck Supplies, Handicap Access, Cleaning Supplies, Paints, Chlorine Stabilizers, Super Blue & much more.
CPO Classes offer. 1 day renewal  and 2 day pool training.
Misc. Wastewater Equipment: Infiltration, Smoke Signals, & Blowers Dyes. 
Ultraviolet Disinfection and economical replacement bulbs and parts. UV bulb Recycling.
High efficient-long life light bulbs, ballasts, fixtures, & more. 

Wager Odor Scrubbers for: lift stations, wet wells, force mains and sludge storage.                                                     
HI-E-DRY 195 and NEW Hi-E DRY 120 - High Efficiency Dehumidifiers for pump houses and lift stations.
H-E-DRY FILTERS 16 x 16 x 2 (195) and 16 x 20 x 2 (100)
Backflow preventers testing, repairs, & training.
Cross connection plan development and cross connection surveys, for cities and industry
Our business is built on prompt service and fair prices. We specialize in the equipment and products to make your job more efficient and easier.  

When you're in need, we can hop to it!

Two other, Other Guy Companies Mid-America Backflow Preventer Co. and Hi-E

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