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                       Chairman’s Message

                                                      Les Anderson, MRWA Chairman

                        2021 Rural Water Rally


                       Legislatively, Rural Water’s most important annual event occurs in Washington during the second week
                       of February.  MRWA staff, along with Board and rural water system members, usually attend the annual
                       National Rural Water Association Water Rally in-person in Washington DC. This is our opportunity to meet
                       in-person with all ten federal legislators and/or their aides to stress the importance of allocating funds
                       to assist Minnesota’s small water and wastewater systems. This year, due to the pandemic and events
                       occurring on Capitol Hill, that Rural Water Rally went virtual to communicate issues facing rural Minnesota.

                       NRWA 2021 virtual Washington DC Rally began with an opening session on February 9th.  The Rally starts
                       our year-long grassroots campaign to persuade Congress to fund all Rural Water priorities. When possible,
                       MRWA held virtual meetings in lieu of in-person and communicated our rural water priorities to them.
                       NRWA held the Great American Taste Test, with the city of Evansville representing Minnesota as they
                       won the 2020 Best Tasting Water in Minnesota contest at our 36th Annual Water & Wastewater Technical
                       Conference on March 4, 2020.

                                                     Minnesota  Rural  Water Association’s  work is  very important  to our
                                                          state and especially rural Minnesota.  MRWA keeps a close eye on
                                                             federal legislation in Washington DC and state legislation at our
                                                               Capitol,  ensuring  that our programs continue  to exist  and
                                                                 provide  the much  needed services.  Federal  and/or  state
                                                                  programs fund the majority of work at MRWA.

                                                                    Small and rural communities have the very important
                                                                    public  responsibility  of  complying  with  all  applicable
                                                                    federal and Safe Drinking Water Act and Clean Water
                                                                    Act regulations  for  supplying  the  public  with  safe
                                                                    drinking water and wastewater every day. Small and
                                                                   rural communities often have difficulty complying with
                                                                   complicated federal  mandates and  providing  safe and
                                                                  affordable drinking water and wastewater due to limited
                                                                economies of scale and  lack  of technical  expertise.  This
                                                              difficulty  is  eased  due  to  ongoing  and  continuing  support
                                                           offered  through  Minnesota  Rural  Water  Association  training
                                                        programs and hands-on technical assistance.

                       Many of you wrote MRWA with letters of support and we’d like to thank you for that! It is really gratifying
                       to see the appreciation of MRWA’s services and the ways in which we’ve been able to assist you!



                                                  Congratulations  and  best wishes to Tim  Hagemeier who  is  retiring  from
                                                  Minnesota Rural Water Association on April 30th after 31 years of service!
                                                  Tim was MRWA’s wastewater technical advisor since 1990  and then in 2019
                                                  he went on to work on MRWA’s Pond Optimization program. Tim is a true
                                                  expert in his field doing everything from wastewater technical advice and
                                                  training, testifying at the MN Legislature, sitting on various advisory boards,
                                                  and being a great listener.  Tim and his wife Barb also make a great duo
                                                  at  our  technical  conference  announcing  our  raffle  and  prizes.  He  will  be
                                                  missed! Enjoy your retirement Tim!

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