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                                            MRWA & NRWA Join

                                            Forces to Support the

                                            Rural Workforce                                                                              CELLULAR LIFT STATION ALARM LIGHT

                                                          Lori Blair, MRWA Executive Director

                                                                                                                                 •  The only Cellular Alarm
                       Minnesota Rural Water Association is currently in the final stages of working with our State Department of
                       Labor to create an approved Apprentice Program. Like many industries, water and wastewater systems in
                       Minnesota are experiencing a shortage of trained operations specialists due to retirements. According to      Light on the Market!
                       National Rural Water Association, over the next decade, the water sector is expected to lose between 30
                       and 50 percent of the workforce to retirement. Our nationally recognized apprenticeship training program
                       is being developed in response to the industry’s need to train the next generation of skilled workers and
                       standardize  training  across  the  state  of  Minnesota.  Qualified,  skilled  operations  specialists  are  in  high   •  Perfect for Lift Stations’
                       demand!                                                                                                       high level and power
                                                                       The  goal  of  MRWA’s  Apprentice Program  is  to
                                                                       match those individuals who are actively pursuing             failure alerts
                                                                       employment as an  apprentice with utilities in
                                                                       Minnesota;  ultimately  providing  your  utility  with  a
                                                                       trained, committed operations specialist.
                                                                                                                                 •  Simple to Install
                                                                       Utilities can benefit from an Apprenticeship Program

                                                                       • Proven solution to recruit, train, & retain employees   •  Visual and Audible Alerts
                                                                       • Replace retiring workforce
                                                                       • Transfer knowledge from experienced operations
                                                                        specialists to new apprentice                            •  Notifications via text
        RENEWABLE ENERGY                                               • 2 years  of hands-on  training  alongside  an               message, voice call,
                                                                        experienced technician
                                                                       • Build a relationship with the apprentice                    email, or all three
          Ziegler Power Systems offers a variety of                    • Ensure well-rounded, highly trained employee is
          renewable energy and microgrid solutions:                    The  Apprenticeship  program  is  a  combination  of      •  Always connected via

              ƒ Solar panels                                           on-the-job training and classroom education while             GuardDog Phone App
                                                                       being  employed  by  a  sponsoring  utility  system,
              ƒ Microgrid controllers                                  ensuring  that  it  is  an  excellent  fit  our  the  water/
                                                                       wastewater industry.
              ƒ Energy storage                                         MRWA recently produced 2 videos with the intention

                                                                       of highlighting the skills and benefits of working for
                                                                       a utility and working in the water/wastewater career
          24/7 EMERGENCY SERVICE AVAILABLE:                            field. Check those out on our YouTube Channel or
                                                                       on our Website Apprentice page: http://www.mrwa.
                          888.320.4292                                 com/apprentice.html.  You  may  even  recognize                                                         Contact Us:                        OmniSite Authorized Representative
                                                                       some familiar  faces of  industry  professionals  who
                                                                       volunteered  their  time  to showcase their  careers
                                                                       and the value of them.
          Shakopee, MN                                                 MRWA  will  keep  you  posted  on  the progress of
          888.320.4292                                                 our Apprentice Program. You can check out more
                                                                       information  on National  Rural  Water  Association’s                                                   203 W. Morris St.                  700 Hamel Rd.
                                                                       national  Apprenticeship  efforts  at:  https://nrwa.                                                   Indianapolis, IN, 46225            Medina, MN, 55340
                                                                       org/apprenticeship-program/ and more information
                                     on MRWA’s Apprenticeship program is available at:                                                       (317)-885-6330                     (952)-938-6504
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