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community of Shorewood, including    COVID-19 pandemic. While public works   the work started to confirm or delete
        the police and fire departments and   was still on the job, city hall shut down   items that needed to be upgraded.
        Shorewood’s Public Works department.  and staff was working from home until
                                             the beginning of June. In addition to   Other cities facing the possibility of
        No project is perfect, and Tonka Bay   that, there was an issue with the painting   water treatment plant renovations need
        did experience some minor problems   subcontractor. The process of painting   to make sure they are clear on what their
        during the renovation. American Iron   the water treatment plant took months   objectives are and to keep coming back
        and Steel certified parts were hard to   longer than it should have. What seemed   to them during the renovation to see
        get in a timely fashion, and there were   like a never-ending job finally did end in   if it’s still what they intended when the
        unforeseen issues inside the walls near   June, six months after it was supposed to   process was started. Things can change,
        where a new door on the second level   have been done.                    and frequently do, during the renovation
        was supposed to be installed so the filter                                of an existing, aged facility.
        media could be brought in. The natural   If the city had to do it again, what might
        gas line to the generator had to be dug   they have done differently? More time   1., (Hazleton and Murphy)“Cations
        after the season’s frost set in, making   should have been spent going over   and Cation Exchange Capacity,” 2020
        that a challenge. One problem, that   the plans with the city engineer before   2 & 3. Graymont “Lime in Water Treatment,” 2019
        no one could have foreseen, was the   bidding and with the contractor before


              designed to

              protect and


              Forge Ahead.

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