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MRWA Membership

Become a Member of Minnesota Rural Water Association or renew your membership now!

Any community, individual, business, or public entity may become a member of the Minnesota Rural Water Association by paying a membership fee. This is not, however, a prerequisite for our services. Monies from association membership dues are used in areas that government funding will not provide for, such as MRWA's Today magazine, purchase of equipment and training materials, and to strengthen the Association so our services can be expanded. Benefits of MRWA Membershiparrow

Online Membership Form - Join Us Today! 

See our: Associate & Active Members   |   Corporate Partners   |   Industry Members   |  Non-Municipal Members

Choose your membership status below and fill out the online membership form:

Option A - Active Membership:

*Active Membership: Less than 356 Meters/Connection
Number of Meters/Connections:  ____________


***Equipment Fund Contribution, suggested minimum $25.00                                    + _________ 
-OR-                   Total Due: _________
*Active Membership: More than 356 Meters/Connection
Number of Meters/Connections: __________  @ $0.90/connection  $.90 x # of Connections
***Equipment Fund Contribution, suggested minimum $25.00

 + _________

Total Due for more than 306 Meters/Connections:                                     Total Due: _________

*Entitles municipalities the opportunity to participate as a voting member on the Board of Directors as according to MRWA by-laws.

Option B - Associate Membership:

City, Industry/Vendors**, Facility, or Public Entity Associate Membership


***Equipment Fund Contribution, suggested minimum $25.00                         Total Due: _________

Option C - Nonmunicipal or Noncommunity (Nontransient and Transient) Systems:

Examples: Mobile Home Parks, housing developments, schools, resorts, etc.


***Equipment Fund Contribution, suggested minimum $25.00                         Total Due: _________

Option D - Individual:

Individual Membership for persons with no system or company affiliation


***Equipment Fund Contribution, suggested minimum $25.00                         Total Due: _________

**Industry/Vendors also have the opportunity to become corporate partners: Corporate Partner Membership | Corporate Partner Membership Form

***Equipment Fund Contribution Details: Everyday MRWA staff carry leak detectors, line tracers, metal detectors, hydrant repair tools, drawdown gauges, pressure relive valves, flow meters, composite samples, sludge judges, etc. that are used to provide on-site technical assistance to you. We would appreciate a voluntary contribution to our Equipment Repair and Replacement Fund to continue to update our equipment to the latest technology and repair equipment as needed. MRWA also has an Emergency Response Trailer that includes industry donated pumps, hoses, generators, flood bags, and a control panel that has been used in municipalities due to flooding, tornadoes, or other natural disasters. This equipment also needs to be repaired and replaced. This equipment may not have been used in your community (YET!) but we have to be prepared to respond if you make that call.  Thank you for your support of MRWA!


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