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Water Resources

Water Resources are listed below in order to help water systems and their water and/or wastewater operations specialists in Minnesota provide a quality water supply to rural areas, increase their operational and management knowledge, increase public awareness of water quality vulnerability and source water protection, and to increase the professionalism of system personnel.

MDH Climate & Health Home Page

MDH Lab Changes for Very Small Systems

Water System Related Rules

*Water Certification Rule - Chapter 9400
*Backflow Prevention and Cross Connections Rule - Chapter 4714.0603
*Minnesota Cold Weather Rule - 216B.097
*Fluoridation Rule - Chapter 4720.0030
*National Primary Drinking Water Regulations, List of Contaminants & their MCLs - EPA
*Public Water Supply Plans; Appropriations During Deficiency (Water Conservation Rate Rule)
*Water Conservation Rates information
*The Revised Total Coliform Rule: A Guide for Small Public Water Systems - EPA Guide
*Sample Collection Procedures
*Sample Collection Videos (MDH LINK)

When You Need An Engineer
*When You Need An Engineer handout & *Plan Review Submittal Guidance

Vaccinations and Testing Links:
Vaccinations and Infectious Disease Testing Coverage - LMC Link

Water System Operations Specialist Certification Links
*Minnesota Department of Health Water Supply System Operations Exam Application - link
*Minnesota Department of Health Water Exam References (includes Math Conversion tables and
  Need to Know information
*Minnesota Department of Health Water Certification Frequently Asked Questions
pdf*Class D Study Guide
pdf*Minnesota Water Works Operations Manual
*Contract Operating Guidelines - MDH Link

Water System Operations Specialist Training Links
*MRWA Training Calendar (includes training offered from other agencies)
*Minnesota Department of Health Relevancy of Training
*Water System Operations Specialist Training Record form
pdf*Board Member Guidance Manual - pdf download (large file size, right click on link and choose
     'save target as' to save to your computer)

*Water and Wastewater System Checklist

MDH Report Forms
MDH Fluoridation Monthly Report - Single Treatment Point
MDH Fluoridation Monthly Report - Single Treatment Point with Corrosion Control
MDH Community PWS Interconnection Plan - Interim or Long-Term Interconnection

Water System Operations Specialist Needs:
pdfTrace Wire Specification Guide & Details
 MRWA Frozen Service Line Resources & Prevention Procedures
MDH 30-Hour Sample Requirement
*Math Formula Conversion Sheet
*Minnesota Drinking Water - EPA Link
*MDH Drinking Water Protection Site - MDH Link
*Chlorine & Hazardous Leak Reporting Requirements - EPA Link
*Ammonia in the Distribution System - by Dave Schultz, MDH Engineer, reprinted with permission from
Hydrant Maintenance - recommended from American Flow Control
Hydrant Record Form
*Valve Record Form
Hydrant Flow Test Record Form
Water Loss Calculation Form
*Water Leak Determination Form
*Water System Flushing Form
*Tech Briefs from National Drinking Water Clearinghouse - technical articles for operations support
*US Units to Metric Units - conversion calculation site link
*Water Drip Leak Calculator - Link to calculate water loss from leaky faucets
*Benefits of Water Meters
*Monitoring and Testing Drinking Water in Minnesota - MDH Link
*Coliform Bacteria in the Water System - MDH Link
*Contaminants: Microbiological, Radiological, & Inorganic - MDH Link
*Sample Municipal Ordinances
*Sample Public Notices
*Sample Municipal Personnel Policies
*Sample Municipal Job Descriptions
*LMC Link:  Securing Payment of Utility Charges
pdf*Well Drawdown - NRWA Training Guide

NonMunicipal / NonTransient NonCommunity Operations Specialist Needs:
pdf*Class E Study Guide
- pdf download
*Certification: Frequently Asked Questions
pdfOperations Specialist Certification Brochure for Small Systems
pdf*Safe Drinking Water for Your Small Water System: An Operator's Guide - pdf download
*Importance of Routine Maintenance
*Aestheic Issues for Small Systems
*Maintaining Your Well and Water System

*Fact Sheet: Why Does My Water Smell Like Rotten Eggs? - MDH Fact Sheet
*Let it Run and Get the Lead Out - MDH Link
*Drinking Water in Schools and Child Care Facilities - EPA Link
pdfWell Disinfection Link to MDH Site
pdfEmergency Water Supply Plan

Watch: We Are Public Health: Noncommunity Drinking Water Protection

Cross Connection Control
*Cross Connection Control & Backflow Prevention Resources

Conservation Water Rates
*Minnesota Law - Conservation Water Rates Information & Helpful Tools

Flooding Tools
Flood Resilience Guide EPA Link |MDH Link

Water Rate Analysis Sheet:

*Water Rate Analysis Spreadsheet - calculate your water and/or wastewater rates with our Excel

Water as Taxable:
Questions on if Water is taxable - see page 10 of this download from League of Minnesota Cities

Well Water Links:
Lead in Well Water - MDH Link
*Nitrate in Well Water - MDH Link
Arsenic in Minnesota's Well Water - MDH Link

Drinking Water Concerns Links:

*MDH Climate & Health Home Page
*Contaminant and Disposal of Large Amounts of Contaminanted Water - Support Guide for Water Utilities - EPA download
*Energy Use Assessment Tool - download for Water and Wastewater Systems - EPA download
*Ensuring a Sustainable Future: An Energy Management Guidebook for Wastewater and
Water Utilities - EPA Download
*MDH Annual Drinking Water Report - MDH Link
*Control and Mitigation of Drinking Water Losses in Distribution Systems - EPA link
*CUPSS: Asset Management Program - EPA download
*Liquid Assets Minnesota - A documentary film about Minnesota's Critical Water Infrastructure

Minnesota's Water/Wastewater Emergency Response Network


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arrowEPA Survey Shows $384 Billion Needed for Drinking Water
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